About me

Since I was about 5 years old, I have entertained myself by drawing. In school there were often sketches of my teachers in the margins of my notebooks. The exercise of capturing a likeness of a person or an object has always captivated me.

Currently, the rural landscapes of Virginia have held my attention. Observing and translating that three-dimensional aspect to a two-dimensional one is the challenge.  Most of my work begins on-site. I carefully examine and commit to memory my first compelling impression and carry that energy through to the finish, allowing for unexpected changes that add interest. I am attracted to interplay of light and shadow and how their interaction defines space in the landscape.

Loading a brush with paint and seeing the overall effect when one hue is laid next to another is part of what makes painting such a consuming passion.

I received a B.A. in Fine Art from Bridgewater College and pursued graphic design as a career. I am currently graphic design director at Bridgewater College. I continue to enjoy painting alongside friends in workshops, classes and weekend painting excursions.

My work has been included in several solo and group exhibits locally, including Beverley Street Studio School Gallery, Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Blue Mountain Coffee and Nelson Street Gallery (Lexington). My work is part of private and public collections including Augusta Medical Center in Fishersville, Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg and Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville.

I am one of the original members of CoArt Gallery in Staunton and have been a student of Beverley Street Studio School since 1992. I live in Mount Sidney with my husband Curtis and border collie Hobbes.

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